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Modellflugplatz Ranseredt
Registration Form - F3A Innviertler Wanderpokal 2019

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Logo UMFS-Schärding


Union Modellflugsport Schärding
Gerald Schmiedbauer
Freidling 5
A-4920 Schildorn
Tel: +43 676 3126879
+43 7712 7104

for the 50th international Innviertler Wanderpokal F3A
June 08th and 09th 2019 in Schärding/Austria

  Organizer:   Union Modellflugsport Schärding
Austian Aeroclub
  Location of Contest:   Airfield of Union Modellflugsport Schärding in Eggerding/Ranseredt
Coordinates: N 48° 22' 39'' / O 13° 30' 48''
  Competition Class:   F3A Schedule P19, F19 according to FAI Sporting Code Volume F3 Radio Control Aerobatics 2019 Edition.
  Confirmation of Competition:   IW 08/2019, LM: LM 10/2019
  Honorary-Protection:   LAbg. Johann Hingsamer - Major of Eggerding
  Date of Contest:   June 08th and 09th 2019
  Management of Organisation:  

Gerald Schmiedbauer

Freidling 5
4920 Schildorn
Tel.: +43 (0)676 312 68 79
E-Mail: extrafun@gmx.at

  Contest Director:   Ing. Heinz Kronlachner - AUT
  Jury:   Wolfgang Weichaus - AUT
Dietmar Waltritsch - AUT

Georg Caduff - SUI
  Judges:   Dmitry Chaplygin - RUS
Gianlugi Giannoni - ITA
Gerald Kitzmüller - AUT
Walter Martig - SUI
Peter Uhlig - GER
  Authorization of participation:   Every competitor, who possesses a valid FAI sporting license 2019 and which is registered in the FAI database is authorized to participate.
The FAI license has to be handed over during the registration on the flying site to the organizer for the duration of the competition.
Further, the membership of the Upper Austrian Aero-Clib is necessary, to participate on the Upper Austrian Aero-Club Championship.
  Implementing Regulations:   The competition will be executed according to the regulations of the FAI Sporting Codes, Volume F3 Radio Control Aerobatics. The competition is registered as a FAI F3A World Cup 2019 event.
  Number of rounds:   Every competitors flies the same number of preliminary F3A P19 rounds. Planned are three rounds of P19. If more than one preliminary round is flown, the worst round will be deleted. The scores for all rounds will be computed by using the TBL system and all rounds will be normalized according to FAI Sporting Code Volume F3 Radio Control Aerobatics 2018 - 5.1.9. The planned "Fly Off" with F3A F19 will do 20% of the top ranked pilots of the preliminary rounds. The two best non-qualified pilots will be asked, to perform then preflights before the "Fly Off". According to F3A World Cup Rounds Regulation only one round F3A F19 will ba done in the "Fly Off".
The organizer reserves the right to determine the number of flown rounds according to the weather conditions.
  Final classification:   Normalized scores from the best two preliminary rounds plus normalized scores from the "Fly Off".
  Time for registration:   The registration has to be done online on www.modellflug-schaerding.at until May, 25th 2019.
  Number of Competitors:   The number of competitors is limited to maximum 40 pilots.
  Entry Fees:   The entry-fee is € 50,- / competitor. For the Upper Austrian Championship there is € 5,- additional to pay. The entry-fee has to be paid without any bank charges for the organizer to:
  Account: Union Modellflug Schärding - Raiba Region Schärding
  IBAN: AT66 3445 5000 0682 4635
  Swift-BIC: RZOOAT2L455
  Important: Please write your name and "F3A World Cup" on the money transfer form.
The entry fee has to be paid after registration on the above mentioned account.
After arrive of the entry fee, the registration is valid and then the name of the pilot will be displayed on the online tegistratopn list.
Registered pilots, who do not transfer the entry fee will not be considered!
Under no circumstances there will be a refund of the entry fee!
  Announce of Competitors:   The competitors have to announce till Sturday, June 08th 2019, no later than 07:15 am at the organizer.
For organizational reasons, a registration on the day of competition is not possible.
  Protests:   According to sporting code, all protests must be presented in writing during the competition and must be accompanied by a fee of € 50,-. The decision of the Jury will be made before the award ceremony.
  Regulations of Airfield:   The regulations for the competition and for the airfield will be told before starting and are obligatory for all competitors.
  Liability:   The organizer doesn't take upon any liability for potential damage of persons or things. Every competitor has to be insured by the NAC.
  Awards:   Trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place of the competition and material price for all participants (if possible). The winner receives the "Schärdinger Wanderpokal" (Challenge-Cup), which have to be returned (or sent back) for the next competition. The winners of the Upper Austrian Championship get medals.  
  Schedule of Activities:   On Friday, June 07th 2019, the airfield will be indicated with Sector-Marks and will be free for Training. Please use the flight-plan for training.  
  Friday, June 07th 2019:  
  08.00 am
12.00 am to 08.00 pm
  Free training
Handover of sporting-license, entry-fee, draw of numbers
  Saturday, June 08th 2019:  
  07.15 am   Welcome and briefing.  
  07.30 am   Warm-up flight and briefing for judges.  
  07.45 am   Start of the 1st round - Break for lunch due to progress of the competition  
  08.00 pm   Homely Dinner on the flying site  
  Sunday, June 09th 2019:  
  07.45 am   Briefing.  
  08.00 am   Continuation of the Competition - Break for lunch due to progress of the competition  
  04.00 pm   Award ceremony  
  Clubhome:   At the clubhome you can use electric Power (230V), sanitary installations and water available. For charging batteries you can also use electric power (230V/12V) on the airfield.  
  Accomodation:   Plaese do the reservation for accommodation directly using the attached list.  
  Catering:   Food and berverages all companies and sponsors for helping us to realize this competition.  
    We want to thank all companies and sponsors for helping us to realize this competition.  
  Gasthof Mauernböck - Wastlwirt


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